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She Said

1800-2000 22.05.10

for your aural pleasure!!

It's sad but true to say there are only 4 weeks left of the current season although we still have some fine treats in store and promise we'll keep things going over the summer with links to some of the best shows on Facebook.

This weekend saw the last guest free She Said so it seemed fitting to let the miserable lowlife that is our audience have a wee bit of say in what goes down. So, we were gratefully overwhelmed with requests and abuse, played the choons and loved you on air


Posted at 12:10, 22nd May 2010


Cover Me
Part Chimp Rock Action
A Doctor's Wife
Hyena She Said
Four Tet Domino
Surfin' USA
The Jesus And Mary Chain Blanco Y Negro
Weather Report 2
The Fall Domino
You Are My Fucking Sunshine
Les Enfant Bastard Pigsty Tapes
Johnny Cash American
Come In Alone
My Bloody Valentine Creation
Dead Kennedys Statik
Eat Hats
Eagleowl Kilter
Bulls On Parade
Rage Against Tha Machine Epic
Kiila Fonal
Venetian Snares Planet Mu
Salem Merok
Hear The Children Sing
Lungfish Dischord
What We Really Were
Mission of Burma Matador
Errors Rock Action
Pipe Down
Divorce Optimo
Tayside Mental Health Unhealthy Complications
Tha Dancing
Remember Remember Rock Action
Lucky Luke Kemado
Low Life
Public Image Limited Virgin
Flooded Chamber (wee bit!)
Lightning Bolt Load
Rabies (Baby's Got The)
Duchess Says Alien8
I Trampled On David
Bilge Pump Gringo
Eagleowl Kilter

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