She Said

1800-2000 11.02.12

downs downs deeper and downs...

Well it's finally happened. The She Said team have reached such levels of despair, we've finally been reduced to accepting the barrage of offers, both oral and aural, from ethereal goth upstarts The Downs. Much to our horror it seem Tony and Josh from the group will be joining us in the studio this week to bless us with their reported charm, inexplicably odd music taste and frankly clich├ęd innuendo.

Oh aye, did we mention they'll be playing EXCLUSIVE tracks from their recently recorded debut album? My how that word, more resplendent than ever in capitals, gets us aroused!

Be there in black.


Posted at 16:18, 10th February 2012


Ocean Potion
Remember Remember Rock Action
Up On The Sun
Meat Puppets Rykodisc
No Rest
New Model Army Sony
Drive Like Jehu Swami
The Cure Fiction
The Mixer
The Fall Artful
The Swamp
The Downs Winning Sperm Party
Love Like Blood
Killing Joke Sony
Dinosaur Jr SST
Glasgow Megasnake
Mogwai Rock Action
Goin Blind
Melvins Atlantic
Joy Division Factory
God's Gonna Cut You Down
Johnny Cash American
Leavin' Here
Ramleh V-5
Errors Rock Action
Sex Jazz
Mika Miko PPM
Out Of Town
The Skids Virgin
The Downs Winning Sperm Party
67 Piranhas
Les Halmas Hop
False Jesii Part 2
Pissed Jeans Sub Pop
Sex Dwarf
Soft Cell Vertigo
Shine On
House Of Love Fontana
The Grudge
The Downs Winning Sperm Party

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