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She Said

1800-1900 08.11.08

love-in on she said

So sanity and calm returned to this week's show and it did indeed turn into a bit of a love-in with Derek and Allan. And there were some new/recent tunes from Jackie O Motherfucker, Boredoms and Brian Jonestown Massacre. And there was a preview of next week's awesome 2 Days in Stereo event in Glasgow. And there was some tentative big news about next week’s show.

She Said love you and want your babies


Posted at 21:15, 8th November 2008


Slint Touch and Go
Hate The Police
Mudhoney Sub Pop
Where Were You?
The Mekons Fast Product
Butyric Acid
Consolidated London
Rage Against The Machine Epic
Super Roots #9
Boredoms Thrill Jockey
Down On The Street
The Stooges Elektra
A Stitch In Time
Chumbawamba No Masters
Nick The Stripper
The Birthday Party 4AD
Golden Frost
Brian Jonestown Massacre a
St Thomas Well
Dead or American Predestination
Lost Jimmy Walen
Jackie-O Motherfucker Fire
All Your Lies
Soundgarden SST
Okay, so something wierd happened after Track 1 and there's no chat/intro but the rest of the show is fine. She Said love you x

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