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edinburgh invasion??

It will of course have passed you by if you don't like footie (what's the matter with you?!) but it seems Glasgow's being invaded today for a wee game of football by our friends in the east. In the spirit of hot guys in footie kit, She Said embraces this event and digs deep into its archives for some music with even the vaguest connection to football and Edinburgh.

Honest, we're really gonna try!!


Posted at 13:02, 19th May 2012


Theme From Sparta FC
The Fall Action
High Dependency Unit ATP
Vampire's Kiss
Vom Winning Sperm Party
Ox Scapula We Like Danger
Destination Venus
The Rezillos Sire
Academy Fight Song
Mission of Burma Ace Of Hearts
She's So Sinister
The Fnords Kovorox
Public Image Ltd Virgin
I Want To Be A Punk Rocker!!
Andy Cameron check
Favourite Thing
The Replacements Twintone
No Remorse
Punch Assault
Meat Puppets Rykodisk
Your Attention Please
Scars Fast
Small Bones Small Bodies
Future of the Left Too Pure
Eagleowl Fife Kills
What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?
Frank Zappa Rykodisk
Robot Love
The Valves ZOOM
Ally's Tartan Army
Andy Cameron comedy
Needle In The Hay
Elliott Smith Domino
Dayvan Cowboy
Boards Of Canada Warp
Shine Through
Die Die Die Golden Antenna
Football Results
Mark E. Smith BBC
Scotland's Shame
Mogwai Wall Of Sound
Shudder/King Of Snake
Underworld JBO
'84 Pontiac Dream
Boards Of Canada Warp
Mogwai Wall Of Sound

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