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She Said

1800-2000 16.06.12

sheeeeeeeeeeee saiiiiddddddddddd......

Bloody's the second last show of the season so the She Said team is determined to cram in as much musical loveliness as possible. Given it's just been announced Shellac are gonna curate an ATP later in the year at CAMBER SANDS we need no further excuse to play one of our favourite bands. And of course we'll play the Fall. And yes we'll tease and tantalise you just in that tingly place near yer tummy. Woop!!!


Posted at 14:47, 16th June 2012


End Of Radio
Shellac Touch and Go
When The Music's Over
The Doors Elektra
Can't Stand My Baby
The Rezillos check
French Winger
Fat Janitor Wolf Among Wolves
Rabid Pigs
The Jesus Lizard Touch and Go
Long Gone Lonesome Blues
Hank Williams Big 3
Addams Family Values
Battery Face Electropapknit
Ride The Sky
Lightning Bolt Load
Crooked Scene
Male Bonding Sub Pop
Packs of Three
Arab Strap Chemikal Underground
Let's Get Out Of Here
Les Savy Fav Wichita
Fugazi Dischord
Die Die Die Golden Antenna
We're In Yr Corner
Cornershop Wiiija
Wonderful Creature
Stig Noise Post Music
Yarncarrier And Break
Alpinist Vendetta
Sell Or Be Sold
Minutemen SST
Human Don't Be Angry Chemikal Underground
Copy Haho I Fly Spitfires
Cock Thoughts
Vom At War With False Noise
Battery Face Electropapknit

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