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She Said

1800-2000 12.05.12

rock and roll radio......

So the question is will the She Said team return refreshed and invigorated following their wee break last week or will the excesses of a fantastic gig night in Glasgow have taken its toll? We aspire to the former but fear the latter!

Start yer Saturday evening the way you mean to continue with musical moments and tales from Errors, Divorce and a myriad of other adventures yet to unfold.


Posted at 13:39, 12th May 2012


High School Confidential
Jerry Lee Lewis Bear Family
Action Beat Truth Cult
Holus Bolus
Errors Rock Action
At The Drive-in Fearless
Deafheaven Deathwish
Sieve-Fisted Find
Fugazi Dischord
It's Up There
The Field Kompakt
Jesus Was A Terrorist
Jello Biafra with nomeansno Alternative Tentacles
The John Maclean March
Hamish Henderson Drag City
Bloody Mary
The Jesus Lizard Touch and Go
One Chord Wonders
The Adverts Stiff
If 6 Was 9
Jimi Hendrix FREMD
Stabby Stab
Divorce Six Six Sixties
Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
Minutemen SST
Ashes In The Snow
Mono Human Highway
Bad Penny
Big Black Touch and Go
Academy Fight Song
Mission of Burma Ace Of Hearts
Mr Pharmacist
The Fall Beggers Banquet
United Fruit Unsigned
Female Guitar Players Are The New Black
Marnie Stern Souterrain Transmissions
Part Chimp Rock Action
One Beat
Sleater-Kinney Kill Rock Stars
A Rumour In Africa
Errors Rock Action

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