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She Said

1800-2000 16.10.10

ex-wives in gigging action shock horror.....

They shout, they use bad language, they are splendidly crude, their plectrums are metallic, the silent moments in their songs can catch the unaware, they were once good looking, they are sometimes lazy shites, they have a new bassist, they are none other than the mighty EX-WIVES and She Said is totally gay for them.

So tonight, Alastair and Noel from the band joined us for some top tunes, teasing tittle-tattle and a look ahead to their long awaited return to live-ness next week.



Posted at 11:51, 16th October 2010


Surfin' Bird
The Cramps aad
Mission of Burma Matador
Big S
Friction Enemy
Charlottefield Fat Cat
Totally Wired
The Fall Castle
Out There
Dinosaur Jr Blanco Y Negro
Johnny Cash American
Sonic Youth BBC
John Leslie
UK Deathcharge DIY
Something Must Break
Joy Division Factory
Fucking Dutch
Ex Wives Radio is Down
Harmony In My Head
Buzzcocks United Artists
Room Number 5
Bellini Temporary Residence
Kasule fivefourmusic
Kim Gordon's Panties
Rapeman Touch and Go
The Golden Vanity
Alasdair Roberts Navigator
Computron 2000
Kill Yourself Gringo
We Speak In Tongues
In Tongues DIY
Teenage FBI
Guided By Voices Matador
It's Derek's fault.....
The Crippled Jazzer
Marnie Stern Kill Rock Stars
Brick Layer Cake Touch and Go
Domino Days
3 Dischord
In Illusions Of Order
Red Sparowes Conspiracy

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