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She Said

1800-2000 27.11.10

snowy sordid saturday fun.......

So it was a fine sunny winter's day in Glasgow, droplets of snow sparkled briefly in the late morning sunshine before disappearing effortlessly from memory. Just like that astonishingly beautiful piece of prose, She Said that very evening laid waste to your finely tuned senses as you lay helpless gasping at the sheer majesty of the experience.

Positively no frills and absolutely no money back guarantee required.

It was amazing.


Posted at 13:05, 27th November 2010


If Love Is The Drug
Brian Jonestown Massacre Tee Pee
Stillness In THe Move
Dirty Projectors Domino
Sieve-Fisted Find
Fugazi Dischord
Divorce Vs Comanechi Merok
Needle Of Death
Yo La Tengo Matador
3 o'clock
Oxbow Capsule
Every Superstition Shall Be Removed
Deathpodal Electropapknit
Supertribe (Mogwai Remix)
Errors Rock Action
Shed And Transcend
No Age Sup Pop
A Lyke Wake Dirge
Alasdair Roberts Drag City
Put All Your Eggs In One Basket And Then Watch...
Marnie Stern Kill Rock Stars
The Dead Flag Blues
Godspeed You Black Emperor Constellation
I Against I
Bad Brains SST
Fractured (Like Chandeliers)
Polvo Merge
Folsom Prison Blues
Johnny Cash Columbia
Fuck School
The Replacements Twintone
The Closet
Lydia Lunch Cherry Red Phonograph
Fuck It I Love You
Malcolm Middleton Around7Corners
Remember Remember Rock Action
Obits Sub Pop
Zu Ipecac

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