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She Said

1800-1900 23.05.09

lots of bits......

Noisy bits, quiet bits, tuneful bits, discordant bits, talking bits, smiley bits, Whit are you waiting for????


Posted at 16:02, 23rd May 2009


Teenage Riot
Sonic Youth Geffen
Jesus and Mary Chain
Kill Surf City Blanco Y Negro
When You Sleep
My Bloody Valentine Creation
Gone Beyond
Akron/Family Young God
Stubborn Agenda
Bear Claw Sick Room
Alan Is A Cowboy Killer
McLusky Too Pure
Track The Hunt
United Fruit She Said
I'm Taking The Train Home
The Twilight Sad Fat Cat
Zoo Music Girl
Birthday Party 4AD
Patrik Fitzgerald Anagram
Monkey Trick
Jesus Lizard Touch and Go
Colours Move (Mogwai Remix)
Fuck Buttons ATP
London Calling
The Clash Columbia

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