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She Said

1800-2000 31.03.12

divorce will make our hearts stronger......

Screaming..SCREAMING!! Attention stealing, almost overwhelming laceration of confrontational noise and pulsating rhythm. Fuck's sake, that might be a melody that just missed us!

This weekend's show could well get messy. DIVORCE are 4 people and they're gonna be joining us. ALL OF THEM! That makes 6 shady characters in a very confined space. The She Said team is not scared though, bring it on, come and have a go if you think you're hard enough.

Take youse all any time.


Posted at 19:11, 29th March 2012


Fearfully And Wonderfully
Lungfish Dischord
Liturgy Thrill Jockey
From Desperate Times Come Radical Minds
Petty Bone Damage Done
Space Dust
White Shit PPM
Big Business Gold Metal
Super Sexxxy Real Live!
Aiden John Moffat Chemikal Underground
The Four Horsemen
Aphrodite's Child Vertigo
Nihilist Spasm Band united diaries
Mariza Koch check
Froze Toes
Child Abuse Lovepump United
Divorce Milk
Whiskey Shoes
Divorce Milk
As I Came In By Huntly Town
Alasadair Roberts Secretely Canadian
Wriggle Like A Fucking Eel
Whitehouse Susan Lawly
Harvey Milk Troubleman
Caucasian Guilt
Noh Mercy Fast
Gross Vulture
Bitches Palmist
A New Kind Of Water
This Heat Rough Trade
Death Of You
Comanechi Merok
Wonderful Creature
Stig Noise Post Music
Stabby Stab
Divorce Six Six Sixties
Go Get 'Em George
Kings Of Sorrow Quiet Music
What's An Aphid?
Aids Wolf Lovepump United
Any Major Dude Will Tell You
Steely Dan MCA

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