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She Said

1800-1900 24.01.09

a burns special with a wee twist.......

Well I guess we didn't need much of an excuse to celebrate Scottish music, noisy or otherwise so there was a fair bit of it tonight. And with our own wee twist on a theme, we presented "Outgoing Scotland", the definitive list of who we'd like to chuck out of Scotland and why!

For aw that and aw that pish!!

Posted at 19:21, 24th January 2009


The Living End
The Jesus And Mary Chain WEA
Sweet William
Alasdair Roberts Drag City
I Await Your Call With Sharpened Knife
Kylie Minoise Kovorox
Yes, the next track does stop suddenly. Yes this was one of several howlers on the show. This is not normal. We love you x
Scentless Apprectice
Nirvana Geffen
I Hate Scotland
Ballboy sl
The False and The Cinematic
Marmaduke Duke Captains Of Industry
The Saints Are Coming
The Skids Virgin
Love, Hate, Love
Alice in Chains Columbia
Aiden Moffat Chemikal Underground
Rain King
Sonic Youth Geffen
Devil And The Angel
Malcolm Middleton Around7Corners
Micheal Ball
someyoungpedro Badboxr
Chromakey Dreamcoat
Boards Of Canada Warp
Schools Out
Nirvana Geffen

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