She Said

1800-2000 02.06.12

nice and sleazy does it.....

Yes it's time to lower yer sights, brush aside ambition and wallow instead in the murky, sordid side of life where the chat is suggestive yet enduring and the tunes famously dirty yet alluring. She Said is approaching and expects to get right in yer face!

....does it every time.


Posted at 16:05, 2nd June 2012


Nice And Sleazy
The Stranglers EMI
Who Was In My Room Last Night
Butthole Surfers Blast First
Divorce Six Six Sixties
Shit Whistler
Citizens Wolf Among Wolves
Tommy Gun
The Clash CBS
Deerhoof Kill Rock Stars
Yanqui U.X.O. Track 4
Godspeed You Black Emperor Constellation
Making Plans For Nigel
Primus Interscope
Eat Y'self Fitter
The Fall Rough Trade
Die Die Die Golden Antenna
I Saw The Light
Hank Williams Big 3
Break On Through
The Doors Elektra
Holiday In Cambodia
Dead Kennedys Cherry Red
Ballad Of Big Nothing
Elliott Smith Kill Rock Stars
Itchy Blood
Bacchus contraszt!
Helmet Interscope
Young Emily
Alasdair Roberts Navigator
Pop Song
The Jesus Lizard Touch and Go
Love Song
The Damned Chiswick
At The Drive-in Fearless
Bardo Pond Fire
Day Of The Lords
Joy Division Factory
Meditation Is The Practice Of Death
Om Drag City

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