She Said

1800-2000 07.01.12

new year noisiness!!

Oh yes, what’s a short seasonal break amongst friends? Careering into 2012 with optimism and the promise of lots more sonic adventures, exclusive guests and live performances She Said returns to moisten yer appetite for all that's musically right and true.

Tune and in and share the love!


Posted at 19:26, 5th January 2012


Descent Into The Zenith
Earth Southern Lord
Devoted To Shit
Bacchus Contrast!
High Dependency Unit ATP
From Our Hearts Unsigned
At The Drive-in Fearless
Siouxsie and the Banshees Polydor
Hated Chinee
Rapeman Touch and Go
Big Style
Malcolm Middleton De-Fence
Favourite Things
The Replacements Twintone
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Hank Williams catfish
Meat Puppets Rykodisc
Developer Modularz
A History Of Drunks
Melvins Ipecac
Nonverbal Adjective Agreement
The Fnords Kovorox
Sideways Here We Come
Die Die Die Too Pure
The Village
Errors Rock Action
Classic Noodlanding
Do Make Say Think ATP
Ghost Rider
Suicide Red Star
I'm Not Invisible
Rocket From The Crypt Vagrant
Laughing Sick
Fat Janitor Wolf Among Wolves
Love Buzz
Nirvana Sub Pop
Sunn 636
From Our Hearts Unsigned

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