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She Said

1800-2000 02.10.10

heading for the cosmos!!

If you're lucky enough to have experienced the mighty Cosmic Dead live, you'll be clinging on to vivid, joyous memories of hugely engaging and melodic psychedelic drone submerged in enough intensity and dry ice to leave you disorientated and breathless completely unable to find the way back to the bar, your seat or indeed yer sanity!

She Said have become huge fans as you shall hear in the weeks and months to come and this Saturday, we welcomed 3 band members to the studio for some tales from the other side and of course their very own selection of tunes which as we anticpated encomapassed the sublime to the ridiculous!!

Come and join the fun.


Posted at 10:45, 1st October 2010


Mutant Ape Turgid Animal
Cowboy George
The Fall Domino
Live at Glasgow Implodes
Seppuku At War With False Noise
Space Dust
White Shit PPM
Open My Eyes
the nazz Sanctuary
Brian Jonestown Massacre Tee Pee
You Don't Know Jesus
Mogwai Pias
I Woke Up Dreaming
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks Cherry Red Phonograph
Black Rabbit
Skullflower Crucial Blast
Fascination Street
The Cure Fiction
Psyche Ashtray Action Mother
The Cosmic Dead All Dead Tapes
Amuse Bouche
Divorce Merok
Aye and Ay
Mouse Eat Mouse Hackpen
Vitamin C
CAN Mute
Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath black sabbath
The Cusp Of Innocence, Prettily
Shit & Shine Riot Season
Jilted John
Jilted John Rabid
SOS Sound Of Sam
Koolaid Electric Company White Label
First Ape Shot Into Space
The Cosmic Dead All Dead Tapes

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