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Falling into the room like some shambling, unkempt adolescent who's not slept for 3 days but whose energy and charisma abound, the She Said team stimulate you aurally and sonically in ways not yet imagined. Punk at heart, opinionated, passionate and prejudiced only against those who seek to discriminate, She Said is driven by a DIY ethic and absolute commitment to all forms of noisiness. And yet from time to time, She Said reveals its quieter, gentler side and will snuggle right in beside you. Always intelligent, always informative, frequently suggestive, She Said doesn't do sitting on the fence but will challenge, entertain, amuse and arouse in equal proportions.

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its the final countdown!!

She Said // 23.06.12

Yes, its definitely neither the first nor last time She Said will use that immortal line! It is however the last of lots of things today as we draw the curtain on another glorious season of mirth and musical mayhem and Summer beckons.

So what's the plan? HITS! TUNES! We're gonna have you rocking all over the world and the internet and in Ayrshire as well. Promise!!


Posted at 14:14, 23rd June 2012

sheeeeeeeeeeee saiiiiddddddddddd......

She Said // 16.06.12

Bloody's the second last show of the season so the She Said team is determined to cram in as much musical loveliness as possible. Given it's just been announced Shellac are gonna curate an ATP later in the year at CAMBER SANDS we need no further excuse to play one of our favourite bands. And of course we'll play the Fall. And yes we'll tease and tantalise you just in that tingly place near yer tummy. Woop!!!


Posted at 14:47, 16th June 2012

man down!!!!

She Said // 09.06.12

Chaos reigns as one half of the She Said team collapses into illness though almost certainly not terminal! Fear not, a force is being mustered to ensure that we, the righteous, shall prevail to bring you some outstanding hardcore, noisiness and loveliness.



Posted at 14:15, 9th June 2012

nice and sleazy does it.....

She Said // 02.06.12

Yes it's time to lower yer sights, brush aside ambition and wallow instead in the murky, sordid side of life where the chat is suggestive yet enduring and the tunes famously dirty yet alluring. She Said is approaching and expects to get right in yer face!

....does it every time.


Posted at 16:05, 2nd June 2012

edinburgh invasion??

She Said // 19.05.12

It will of course have passed you by if you don't like footie (what's the matter with you?!) but it seems Glasgow's being invaded today for a wee game of football by our friends in the east. In the spirit of hot guys in footie kit, She Said embraces this event and digs deep into its archives for some music with even the vaguest connection to football and Edinburgh.

Honest, we're really gonna try!!


Posted at 13:02, 19th May 2012

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