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1300-1400 09.05.09

the shakedown waltz

Saturday 9th May @ 1pm-2pm - Ben and Matt's lunchtime shakedown soire, get some chips and fish and a cup of tea and let Ben and Matt strangle the Friday night comedown in front of your ears and leave you in the mood for a real celebration of the Sabbath. This week, the new old sounds continue with sounds from the rock and roll hinterlands.. portland, texas, wien, montreal and tameside... kotj-mf

Posted at 09:10, 8th May 2009


The Fuzz
Link Wray Capitol
Come Together
MC5 Electra
Gonna Make You
Mudhoney Sub Pop
Black Clods A-Risin'
Silver Lions 20/20 Sweet Vevet Vinyl
Sweat, Sweat, Sweat (All Over You)
The Cherry Valance Estrus
Television Electra
Hot Wire My Heart
Crime Swami
Hi-Heel Sneakers
The Mummies Estrus
Gimme Some Good Times
Lou Reed Arista
The Singer Not The Song
Sky Saxon and The Seeds Norton
Know Your Name
A Feast Of Snakes In the Red
Because I Said So
Tight Brothers From Way Back When Munster
For The Love of Ivy
The Gun Club Rhino
Hungry Wolf
Zen Guerrilla Epitaph
M Car, My Starship
The Quadrajets Estrus
Trashman's Blues
Kai Rai Norton

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