Everyone's an Ex - (Matthew's alone)

The Saturday Shakedown // 0900-1000 18.02.12


Fryin Up
Fireballs of Freedom Estrus
The Milkshakes Milkshakes Records
Everyone's An Ex
Steve Turner and His Bad Ideas White Label
Sha La La Daniel
The Husbands Swami
The Strange Boys In the Red
Chem Farmer
The Oh Sees In the Red
Electronic Cigarette
Heavy Times Hozac
La Cuidad
Davilla 666 ITR
My Little Red Book
Love Elektra
I Can't Control Myself
Troggs Fontana
In The Long Still Night
Gallon Drunk City Slang
If I Think
Mudhoney sub pop recording co.
The Leather
The Oblivians Crypt
Everything Looks Better in the Sun
The Obits sub pop recording co.
Diddy Wah Diddy
Captain Beefheart A&M
Tyvek ITR
Push (Live)
The Woggles Man's Ruin
Better Things
The Kinks Sanctuary

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