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4th July 2015
27th June 2015
Some Fool's Mess
20th June 2015
Amateur Hour
13th June 2015
Franklin Fest 2015
6th June 2015
Pull Down The Shades
30th May 2015
With Fanny Pelmet and the Bastard Suits
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Ben and Matt's Saturday Shakedown (Est.2002.) Live every Saturday 4-5pm (GMT).

Flat-cap hillbilly country bues-punk, rock and roll and swinging gospel from the muddy shores of the Mississippi Delta to the delicate banks of the Clyde Estuary

Like - Ty Segall, The Dirtbombs, Jerry Lee Lewis, Cordell Jackson, Billy Childish, Mavis Staples, Chuck Berry, Holly Golightly, Davila 666, The Felines, Gene Vincent, The 13th Floor Elevators, The Slits, Hank Williams, The Reigning Sound, Jay Reatard

"Rock and Roll is the voice of the young, the pulse of the kids who are with it, the kids who are no longer satisfied to look at the stars, but who are devising ways and means of reaching them... and to do that means trimming superfluous edges from every facet of life, including music."


franklin fest 2015

The Saturday Shakedown // 13.06.15 // Franklin Fest 2015

On today's show, Angus McPake will talk about 'Franklin Fest 2015' - Edinburgh's garage/beat festival 2-5 July and featuring, The Thanes, Shook Ups, Masonics, Wildebeests, Sally Skull, Reverse Cowgirls, The Bucky Rage etc. Tune in!

Franklin Fest

Posted at 13:43, 13th June 2015

fanny pelmet and the bastard suits

On today's show, we are joined by Stephanie Pelmet, of Fanny Pelmet and the Bastard Suits, playing some of her favourite tracks, and some previously unreleased FP&BS analogue recordings from Ravenscraig studios, Liberton. Don't miss it!

Posted at 10:05, 30th May 2015

tigermask's seven inches

The Saturday Shakedown // 09.05.15 // Tigermask's seven inches

9 May - the Shakedown returns refreshed, revived, rejuvenated for the sounds of the summer's underbelly right out of Tigermask's rock and roll record box. Primal and puerile punk rock. FOUR PM.

Posted at 09:48, 9th May 2015

st steven's day

The Saturday Shakedown // 21.03.15 // St Steven's Day

After wallowing mired in self-pity for a week, here it is at last. Songs that are tenuously linked to Morrissey and some that, well, aren't really. Sorry it took so long to get it up on the site. I tried to find my Polecats CD, but I dunno where that's got to so no Boz specific action. It's a good show with only one mistake, you can trust me boys.

Posted at 12:48, 28th March 2015

lux lives 2015

The Saturday Shakedown // 07.03.15 // Lux Lives Shakedown 2015

Colin Duff is in the studio to talk about the Lux Lives 2015 show at McChuills in honour of Lux Interior from the Cramps who died in 2009 but whose legacy rumbles on.

Posted at 09:11, 5th March 2015

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