Patrick Stewart's Blood and Spunk

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Subcity Sessions // 1200-1300 24.12.10

patrick stewart's blood and spunk

Patrick Stewart’s Blood and Spunk - sonically speaking, just a slight misnomer...gross.

Comprising of Splashy the Blame Shifter and Small Scale Collisions, this recording of Blood and Spunk,(what? That’s an acceptable nickname)comes from a Cry Parrot/Subcity collaborative show put on at Nice n Sleazy which saw the combo mash together guitars, feedback, laptops and a shit load of noise. It was loud, punishingly loud. After the show someone said "that was had the most intense use of high end I've ever heard".

Splashy the Blame Shifter is one of the various pseudonyms of Subcity veteran Chris Storey who has made a couple of rare appearances at the station’s noisier events now, starting with our second Soundclash back in March.

Small Scale Collisions (no strangers to the station's output either) are themselve a collaborative effort; producing visuals and original compositions of haunting, drone-y* music.

*one day urban dictionary will put it on a mug

Posted at 16:44, 24th December 2010


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