Subcity Sessions // 1200-1230 21.12.10


Raksha has had a pretty big impact on his extended Subcity family since arriving in Glasgow a couple of years ago: he’s played events, he’s not appeared on 1Xtra, he’s inspired one of Subcity’s most adventurous concepts with just a glimpse of his malleable face, and he’s even prompted spiritual epiphanies within the station management through his pseudonym alone.

This recording combines a set of Raksha's own tracks performed live at Nice N Sleazy whilst supporting Hype Williams at a Cry Parrot/Subcity collab show and an interview with the DJ/Producer where he talks about his influences (duh), his early days on Fruity Loops, and how he isn’t musical.

May induce spiritual epiphanies/unravel the very fabric of the space time continuum.

Posted at 18:10, 21st December 2010


Interview with Raksha
King of Lounge
Raksha Subcity Radio
Raksha Subcity Radio
Raksha Subcity Radio
Raksha Subcity Radio
Raksha Subcity Radio
You Got Me Down
Raksha Subcity Radio
Distant Dreams
Raksha Subcity Radio
Grape Tooth
Hahaha and Raksha Subcity Radio

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