Silk Cut

Subcity Sessions // 1200-1300 29.12.10

silk cut

In October with Halloween looming and much of Glasgow becoming lost under the descending fog of cobwebs, pumpkins, witch hats and devil horns which was thickly clouding the streets, Subcity were successfully managing to avoid choking on all this by keeping busy. Not only by investigating the fractured alternate world of Dimension B (it’s a tough life) but also hosting a party for all its freaks, unknown beings, and costumed oddities who gathered together in the safe if strange haven of the Art School.

Silk Cut’s set provided sparse but upbeat sounds to keep the mutants moving, pulsing minimal techno out into the mist. A fittingly strange and interesting bunch, they are pretty much untraceable, even on The Internet, which has never ever failed anyone in anything before. They’re definitely the Lord Lucan of the Glasgow music scene, except without the whole killing someone thing. Probably. You’ve got to be in the right place at the right time to catch a listen, so keep an eye out for club listings around Glasgow, or check this recording out and shuffle your mangled mutant limbs about accordingly.

Posted at 19:26, 3rd January 2011

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