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Broadcast Badly 1D

Screen Shrapnel // 1100-1200 05.03.11

broadcast badly 1d

So, with Graham frolicking in an antipodean paradise with koalas and possums, it falls to Jamie to take the reins at the Screen Shrapnel mix-desk – expect links as smooth as Gordon Ramsey’s forehead. Helen Wright, film buff and 3D nut, is gracious enough to join Subcity amateur hour this week to save our audience from a very boring monologue.

On the show we discuss the Os-s-s-s-s-s-car results, cast our minds back over eleven days of cinematic fun at the Glasgow Film Festival, and we dissect the pointy shenanigans of Nic Cage’s latest subdued character study, Drive Angry 3D.

Go on, have a listen; you’ll only be slightly disappointed.

Posted at 21:23, 8th March 2011


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