Boyz n Da (Robin) Hood

Screen Shrapnel // 1000-1100 15.05.10

jihadi jesters and an angry, tight-wearing kiwi

There’s a new dawn in Downing Street: New Labour is old news as Cameron and Clegg become Britain's first homoerotic Prime Ministerial double team. (How will these handsome devils get any work done with all that man-love?) No such problems at team Shrapnel as Jamie and Graham have their now weekly argument about the latest blockbuster - in this week’s case, it’s Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood. Can Scott’s leading man of choice, Russell Crowe, match fellow Antipodean Errol Flynn’s take on the English hero or the charming vulpine outlaw in Disney's version? Tune in to find out.

Also on this week’s show: Chris Morris brings his brand of satire to the big screen in Four Lions (think of a Jihad Dad’s Army, with a terrorist cell of child-men instead of a hapless Home Guard); Austrian anti-thriller Revanche; and we choose our favourite buddy movie.

These are the demented sound fragments of Screen Shrapnel; prepare to be underwhelmed

(ps. Nick Green fans - if such people exist - may be disappointed this week as their favourite film loving slap head is MIA. Rumors that he’s hanging out on the Croisette with his secret lover Dame Judi Dench and dossing on Palme d’or jury president Tim Burton’s haunted yacht are yet to be confirmed)

Posted at 14:51, 15th May 2010


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