The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 4th June 2011

Camp Me If You Can

Screen Shrapnel // 1000-1100 20.03.10


Thin Lizzy Vertigo
The film that’s so unashamedly gay that it can’t get a release in the US, find out what Screen Shrapnel thought of I Love You Phillip Morris
One Thing Leads to Another
The Fixx MCA
Director Tie West takes Screen Shrapnel back to an age before mobiles and iPods, to the days of tight Levis and blow-dried Farrah Fawcett hair styles, a time when filmmakers could illicit palpitating horror without horrific violence...welcome to The House of the Devil
Natasha Beats the Devil
65 Days Of Static Monotreme
The Shrapnel team discuss the diminishing careers of the actors who really need an artistic comeback, we’re talking to you Harrison Ford, Steve Martin, Samuel L ...

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