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Students for Scarves and Charm

1300-1400 12.09.10

back in your arms again

Students for Scarves and Charm is thrilled to return to the Subcity airwaves for another year at a more sociable hour. Now there's no excuse not to listen live to the latest in twee indie and Swedish pop as well as new wave and girl group classics. Unless you're into jazz or prog rock. Or something.

You can hear more from the first Unsigned Act of the year, the chaotically noisy yet contagious Sweet Bulbs at:

Hear Jens Lekman's delightful 'Summer In 3/4 Time' mixtape here: and part with your email address for Jens Lekman's comeback song 'The End Of The World Is Bigger Than Love':

Download Frankie Rose and the Outs' cover of Dee Dee Warwick's 'You're No Good' (possibly recorded at the bottom of a swimming pool but probably not) here: and keep an eye out for Aquarium Drunkard's sure-to-be-awesome girl group mixtape 'Where The Boy's Aren't' (spot the The Runaways reference) coming soon to the same blog.

See you next week,


Posted at 00:20, 16th September 2010


All I Do
Tammi Terrell Motown
Oh, How It Hurts
Barbara Mason Prestige Elite
The End Of The World Is Bigger Than Love
Jens Lekman Secretly Canadian
Little Brown Haired Girl
Frankie Rose and the Outs Slumberland
I'm Nobody's Baby Now
Reparata and the Delrons Rhino
Out In The Streets
The Shangri-La's Red Bird
Only Seventeen
The Beatle-ettes Ace
Unsigned Act Feature
Sweet Bulbs Unsigned
Kissing Clouds
Sweet Bulbs Unsigned
End of Feature
Crazy For You
Best Coast Wichita
My Boyfriend's Back
The Raveonettes Columbia
Scattered Pearls
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Tomlab
Round The Moon
Summer Camp Moshi Moshi
Hang With Me
Robyn Konichiwa

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