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Students for Scarves and Charm is a celebration of the perfect pop song, playing a mix of twee indie pop by girls who carry Hello Kitty lunchboxes instead of handbags, 60s girl groups with big hair who sing melodramatic songs about having their hearts broken by boys with even bigger hair, Scandinavian pop sensations and idealistic 80s youths who make music you can dance to.

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Students for Scarves and Charm // 06.02.11

This week's Students for Scarves and Charm is full of exciting new and forthcoming releases from Micachu and the Shapes, Dum Dum Girls, Pains of Being Pure at Heart and more. Most of the tracks featured in this episode are available for free and legal download so click the tracks below to be taken to the download site:

"Everything" - Micachu and the Shapes

"He Gets Me High" - Dum Dum Girls

"Ghost Before Breakfast" single + b-sides - Shrag

"I Heard You Say" - Vivian Girls

You can also watch 4Play's fascinating mini documentary about Micachu and the Shape's collaboration with the London Sinfonietta here

This week's Unsigned Act is Summer Twins. Download their EP "The Good Things" for free or support them and buy a physical copy from their bandcamp.

Posted at 21:40, 6th February 2011

everything and more

Students for Scarves and Charm // 30.01.11

If you haven't already come to the conclusion that Allo Darlin' are the best band in the past, present and (I'm no seer, but most probably) future of indie pop, this episode of Students for Scarves and Charm is here to help you reach that epiphany. In addition to Allo Darlin' album tracks, covers and Elizabeth Morris's recent collaboration with Darren Hayman, expect to hear classic indie pop from Marine Girls, Hefner and Dolly Mixture.

Alex Winston is this week's Unsigned Act who you can hear more from at and keep an eye out for her forthcoming EP 'Sister Wife' due out on Valetine's Day.

I also pledge to give the Wish I'd Kept A Scrapbook feature a bit more love (so far this has only amounted to moving it to the first half of the show). This week we celebrate the pop perfection that is The Smiths' 'Rusholme Ruffians'.

Posted at 13:45, 31st January 2011

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Students for Scarves and Charm // 28.11.10

Though most historical and religious texts are in agreement that St. Andrew was not a fan of indie pop (he was a death metal man), it would mark me a poor Scot if I didn't commemorate our national saint's day with the obligatory Scottish themed show. This week's tartan tinged extravaganza takes a retrospective look at Scotland's fine history of indie pop bands from The Vaselines and The Pastels through Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura to young pretenders such as The Second Hand Marching Band, The Felt Tips and The Just Joans.

This week's Unsigned Act is a double bill of Glaswegian talent, featuring both Peter Parker and Annie Accidental (who sound like a crime fighting super duo if you say their names together). You can hear more from Peter Parker here: and Annie Accidental here: . You can also download SAD free and legally here:

Wish I'd Kept A Scrapbook celebrates Camera Obscura's "Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken", a song of near-Motown levels of genius that, in one bold gesture, shed Camera Obscura's reputation as Belle & Sebastian's little sister and established Tracyanne Campbell as one of pop music's finest songwriters.

Don't forget to head down to Bubblegum Record's Glasgow Popfest this weekend for a drool worthy line up of amazing Scottish and international acts plus some awesome DJs:

Note: This is a music only prerecorded show.

Posted at 22:48, 2nd December 2010

how come you're such a hit with the boys?

Students for Scarves and Charm // 21.11.10

Inspired by Gospel Music‘s (the surprisingly promising new project by Owen Holmes, bassist of the underwhelming band Black Kids) forthcoming Duettes EP featuring, rather self-explanitorily, duets with indie girls Tracyanne Campbell of Camera Obscura, Cassie Ramone of Vivian Girls, Soko and occasional Magnetic Fields contributor Shirley Simms (plus the very much male Darren Hayman of Hefner), this week’s Students for Scarves and Charm celebrates some of my favourite songs with female vocalists from the late 80s/early 90s. Expect to hear Slumberland darlings Henry’s Dress and Velocity Girl, charming indie poppers Talulah Gosh, Marine Girls and The Pooh Sticks and new-wavers Dolly Mixture. There’s also more recent releases from Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Sweater Girls and Sourpatch. This episode is cuter than a kitten wearing a cardigan so prepare yourself to squee.

This weeks Unsigned Act is This Many Boyfriends who recall the hyperactivity and pop-geekery of early Los Campesinos!, you can here more from them at their myspace:

The Wish I’d Kept A Scrapbook feature celebrates Tiger Trap’s Supercrush: simultaneously shambolic and elegant and sounding like an indie pop epic at a mere 2 minutes and 15 seconds long, it is another perfect pop song from the mind of Rose Melberg.

See you next week, Mairiclare

Posted at 16:59, 22nd November 2010

girlfriend island

Students for Scarves and Charm // 14.11.10

Students for Scarves and Charm presents an excellent mix of Scandinavian pop from Lykke Li, Oh Land, Robyn and Donkeyboy plus indiepop from The Felt Tips, The Blanche Hudson Weekend and Seapony and this week's Wish I'd Kept A Scrapbook is dedicated to moment of sheer loveliness from the Sarah Records back catalogue, Emma's House by Field Mice.

After their gig at the Captain's Rest last week, I finally get around to featuring Veronica Falls as an Unsigned Act. You can hear more amazing music from them at and download new track Right Side of My Brain free from their website:

I am thrilled that Lykke Li has returned to musical pursuits that don't involve soundtracking Twilight films. You can download her new full throttle single Get Some and its more understated b-side Paris Blue free from her website: and watch the twistedly Amazonian video for Get Some here:

Plus, Halloween comes late in the form of this gleefully blood splattered video for Kickball Katy aka La Sera's Never Come Around:

See you next week, Mairiclare

Posted at 16:41, 15th November 2010

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