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Salad Days [noun]: a time of inexperience, idealism, and innocence.

Join me as I weave together the freshest cuts of soulful and electronic music from around the globe. Expect to hear the finest in jazz, funk, hip hop, house and beyond.

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sonar in review

Salad Days // 28.08.14 // SD_022

Back on the air after a busy summer, which included a trip to this year's Sonar in Barcelona.

In this age of abundant festivals, Sonar remains firmly on the lists of any would-be party connoisseur. With a diverse array of music programmed across day & night venues, abstract up-and-comers nestled alongside festival heavyweights. Not only is the music on point, they back it up with supreme organisation and mind-blowing production to guarantee that an awe-inspiring time will be had by everyone.

Listen in as I go through some of my musical highlights of the Sonar 2014.

Posted at 13:30, 28th August 2014


Salad Days // 21.05.14 // SD_021

Music inspired by the sunshine, deep & soulful. Kick your feet up and let the sounds wash over you.

Posted at 16:00, 21st May 2014

ridin round

Salad Days // 14.05.14 // SD_020

Back in the studio after a hectic month with lots of lovely new music for your ears.

New music from Fatima, Martyn & Hotel Lauer alongside a few tracks from artists I'm looking forward to catching at Sonar in Barcelona.

Posted at 15:51, 14th May 2014

the underground doesn't stop

Salad Days // 04.04.14 // SD_019

Was rifling through my CD collection back home at the weekend and came across some nice stuff I hadn't heard in a while. So expect to hear some of that alongside new tracks from Shit Robot & Garnier.

Posted at 17:10, 4th April 2014

system sauce

Salad Days // 20.03.14 // SD_018

No particular theme to this show other than playing music to try and banish the greyness which had engulfed Glasgow.

Kept it deep before a late flurry of energy with new tracks from Awanto 3 & DJ Rashad.

Posted at 16:37, 20th March 2014

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