Feeling junglistic...

Rumours // 0300-0400 26.02.11

the dnb session

We're in a junglistic mood this week. Skandy starts things off at 140bpm for half an hr ending on a jungle vibe before Indra spins a straight half hr of rolling Drum & Bass!

DnB is a genre we don't play much on the show these days but Indra has an extensive collection of records from when he used to play it regularly, and still makes the odd purchase when something worthy pops up...

Expect to hear some timeless classics as well as a couple of more recent releases...

Posted at 00:28, 5th March 2011


Skandy starts things off
OM UNIT Streched
Bad Organs
Uknown Hate
unknown artist Hate
Rustie Kapsize
breakage ft. Zarif digital soundboy
Nouvelle Histoire
Von D Argon
The Bug and Flo Dan and Killer P Hyperdub
Fantasy Mix
SRC Numbers
One Ting (Daybre Remix)
King Midas Sounds Hyperdub
unknown artist Hate
Jungle Flow
Congo Natty congo natty
Indra brings the drum & bass
Andy C Ram
Franky Mountain
icicle and nymfo Ram
Clear Skyz (Break Remix)
die and break clear skyz
Bang Bang
Soundclash XS
icicle Shogun
Submerged (Calyx & Teebee RMX)
break Subtitles
Set It Off
Friction and K Tee Shogun
One DJ
a-sides clear skyz
Back To The Jungle
bladerunner Critical Music
Let It Happen
break Shogun

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