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1600-1700 19.01.11

rpz & thunder disco club's "workout!"

FRIDAY 11th Feb 2011

RPZ & Thunder Disco Club

STEREO Cafe Bar. 22-28 Renfield Lane 11-3am £5

On Friday 11th February 2011 RPZ & Thunder Disco Club join forces to present WORKOUT! at Stereo Cafe Bar on Renfield Lane.

"First comes the warm-up, then comes the cardio-vascular section. This will last 15-20 mins, and will be un-interupted and steady. This aerobic phase exercises the most important muscle in the body - the HEART!" Jamie Lee Curtis "Perfect" (1985)

Club running mates for a number of years, the RPZ and TDC crews have been planing to team up on a club night for some time. Yet although they share a great many influences both musically and culturally, it wasn't clear what would be the best concept for a joint venture. With a dual history of running events based on high-end electro, italo and all manner of neon-satured 1980's video images, the choice for inspiration for their first event of 2011 was a difficult one. Ultimately, it was their shared passion for a certain day-glo, spandex clad moment in american 80's culture that proved the wining combination!

WORKOUT! is a night themed around the culture of wild 80's exersize and workout videos. While the djs from RPZ and TDC lay down some aerobic electronic rhythms to get everyone loosened up and ready for the main session (their very best selections of hi-tech disco, italomatic euro beats and cybernetic funk), visuals maestro Joe Crogan will be energising the whole room with ridiculously rare footage from mind-boggling 1980's workout videos. WORKOUT promises to be exactly what your dream of a sweaty, day-glo 80's mega gym would be - full of beautiful women and handsome, men all dancing together in a blur of smiles, tans, towels and tight jeans!

Stomachs in, buttocks tight, feel the burn ... its time to ITALOCISE!

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