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The RPZ Radio show is run weekly by DJ Hushpuppy.

RPZ show is a showcase for both old sounds and new - a weekly crate-digging session traversing cosmic, new-wave, boogie, classic house, funk, soundtracks, psych, hi-NRG, acid, primitive electonica, synth pop as well as some slices of serious muscular digital bass.

A long-term member of the Glasgow clubbing scene, Hushpuppy has djed across pretty much the entire spectrum of the city's clubbing community. A rabid music fan, he has slipped in the side door and thrown down some mind-bogglingly diverse vibes for the likes of Club Noir, Divine, One More Tune, Menergy, Melting Pot, Thunder Disco Club & Optimo.

For eight years he worked with fellow digital sound freaks Hifi Sean, Bonjour Boi & Jackson Stars at the helm of the Art Schools legendary thursday night future-shock clubbing institution RPZ (Record Playerz), putting the Art School firmly on the cutting edge of clubbing with an unrivalled, dazzling visual treatment and genre-bending soundtrack.

Currently Hushpuppy is keeping himself busy - as newly recruited third wheel with the KILLER KITSCH crew at the buff club, as a monthly resident (for the sixth year running) at DEATH DISCO, as rolling resident at Snafu club Aberdeen's disco phreek party HOT CITY and bar-vibing along-side THUNDER DISCO CLUB's Korbin Dallas for west end basement sessions at The Lansdowne.

His skills and taste have seen him play with the cream of contemporary dance acts over the years, having warmed up and partied at live shows for Simian Mobile Disco, Midnight Juggernauts, Underworld, Den Haan, Hercules and Love Affair, Siriusmo and even having the balls to play AFTER the Bloody Beetroots live!


den haan live - hushpuppy & joe crogan

RPZ // 13.06.12

Berkeley Suite & Ballroom. Friday 18th May 11-3 £5

Glasgow's very own Gods From Outer Space touch down at the Berkeley Suite to distribute their manifesto of inter-galactic awesomeness.

Den Haan are a totally unique and by now somewhat legendary feature of Glasgow's electronic music scene. A couple of italo and hi-nrg obsessed dudes who between them have cooked up an utterly intoxicating catalogue of glistening and glorious slabs of pan-galactic wonder.

Its been some time since the duo played live in the city, so its a genuine treat to be able to bring their frankly dazzling live show - a glorious mass of synths, lights and bespoke projections - to the Berkeley Suite for a Music Please event.

Accompanying Den Haan will be familiar Music Please co-horts Hushpuppy and Joe Crogan. Hushpuppy, no stranger to italo sounds and cosmic beats (the Arty's RPZ was the original Glasgow home of Italo Disco and mega-gay hi-nrg excess) and will be spinning an 80's fixated super disco sound mix of boogie, italo, freestyle, street-beat, hi-nrg and cosmic magnificence.

Joe Crogan - visualiser, artist, performer and all round positive dude - will be throwing eye-googling high-contrast projections up the basement walls to keep your eyes entertained and your brains buzzing both before and after the Den Haan live set.

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tanlines (live) + hushpuppy + joe crogan

RPZ // 18.04.12


*** Tanlines have cancelled their UK dates, so we will be presenting MUSIC, Please sans live guest.

Music Please (with Hushpuppy & Joe Crogan)

MUSIC PLEASE isn't strictly a club - its not simply just for dancing - its more like a rag-time hang out, a syncopated speak-easy which the rich and sensuous decor of the Berkley Suite is perfectly suited for - one half Twin Peaks, one half the 100 Club.

FREE entry. Table-top chat and socially conducive vibes all nite long.

Entry FREE.

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the arches pres. jacques renault b2b justin miller

The Berkeley gets a proper taste of NYC as two of the city's finest disco/house DJs play back to back, with help from Glasgow's own Hushpuppy.

The pair of truly dons of the New York scene. DFA label and A&R manager, known for being one of the nicest guys in the industry to boot, Justin Miller plays the best parties not only in the city but across the world, with an earnest love of music which supercedes sleepnessless. Same goes for Renault - with a record label history taking in Throne of Blood, Italians Do It Better, Rekids and, of course, DFA, through his own label On The Prowl he's released tracks from Azari & III, Tensnake, Kaos and The Revenge, amongst many others, whilst his Let's Play House events bring international and local disco and house acts to Brooklyn warehouses, Manhattan ballrooms and everything in between.

With a little help from THIS city's own disco don Hushpuppy providing primitive electronics, proto-house, Afro-cosmic and metal beats...

The Arches presents Jacques Renault, Justin Miller & Hushpuppy The Berkeley Suite 10pm-3am FREE before midnight // £3 after

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den haan album launch - rpz & wrong island

The Official Album Launch night for "Gods From Outer Space" by DEN HAAN.

Friday 11th March 2011 Stereo, Renfield Lane.

Entry £7/£6 11pm - 3am

Den Haan (LIVE), David Barbarossa(Hung Up!) Teamy (Wrong Island), Hushpuppy (RPZ/Death Disco).

On Friday 11th March RPZ & Wrong Island jointly present the official launch party for DEN HAAN's debut album "Gods From Outer Space" at Stereo.

DEN HAAN are a live synthesised dance act - Glasgow based duo Matthew Aldworth and Andy Gardiner. A chance meeting some years ago saw the two bond over their love for insane euro-disco and HI-NRG, and it was in that moment that the idea of Den Haan was born. Den Haan are the sounds of a seedy 1970's disco - sweat, synths, mechanised tribal rhythms and dazzling lights. Den Haan are two guys cruising the night for kicks, rock gods soaked in poppers with booming vocader-vocies and hungry for cheap lovin'. Their debut LP is a loving homage to the ground-breaking productions of Azoto, Tantra, John Carpenter, Patrick Cowley and Claudio Simonetti and a live performance on the night will provide an ear-gasmic glimpse into the musical journey that awaits the listener on the "Gods From Outer Space" debut double LP.

Supporting deejay duties on the night will be provided by two of the LP's fabulously manly cover stars - David Barbarossa (Hung Up!) and Teamy (Wrong Island) - along with RPZ and Death Disco resident Hushpuppy.

DAVID BARBAROSSA (Hung Up) - A regular contributor to club events on the cutting-edge of the musical spectrum, Mr Barbarossa has lent his considerable crate-digging credentials to events by Huntleys & Palmers, Optimo, Fun Sized, Future Sonic and the Wee Chill, playing alongside Todd Terje, Matthew Dear and Black Devil Disco Club. With a record collection running into 5-figures and a musical knowledge of equally immense stature, this pint-size DJ is one of Glasgow's biggest disco hitters.

TEAMY (Wrong Island) - Teamy is an avid collector and consumer of music whose passion for the politics of dancing was forged in the heat of a thousand sweaty Optimo Sundays. He runs his own Wrong Island Event with fellow DJ Dirty Larry, and despite its mere three and something years of parties has become, according to the taste-making Lucky Me collective, somewhat of a "glasgow Institution". The first to host Glasgow parties with LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy & Pat Mahoney, King of Town, Xaver Naudascher, George Issakidis, Ramadanman, Shit Robot, Andy Blake and Prince Language, Wrong Island is firmly established as one of the city's most ambitious and eclectic underground events.

Hushpuppy (RPZ/Death Disco) - Hushpuppy was the creative brains behind seven club-scene-defining years of the Art Schools thursday nights (with RPZ, now monthly at Stereo) and is also main room resident at Arches super-club Death Disco. In addition to years of successful club running he has added his expansive deejaying abilities to major film premiers, Burlesque parties, fashion shows, Art exhibitions and music festivals, sharing the stage over the years with Aeroplane, Zombie Nation, The Crookers, Bang Gang, AC SLater, Brodinski, Villa, Don Rimini, Erol Alkan, Rex The Dog, Siriusmo and Surkin to name but a mere few.

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rpz & thunder disco club's "workout!"

RPZ // 19.01.11

FRIDAY 11th Feb 2011

RPZ & Thunder Disco Club

STEREO Cafe Bar. 22-28 Renfield Lane 11-3am £5

On Friday 11th February 2011 RPZ & Thunder Disco Club join forces to present WORKOUT! at Stereo Cafe Bar on Renfield Lane.

"First comes the warm-up, then comes the cardio-vascular section. This will last 15-20 mins, and will be un-interupted and steady. This aerobic phase exercises the most important muscle in the body - the HEART!" Jamie Lee Curtis "Perfect" (1985)

Club running mates for a number of years, the RPZ and TDC crews have been planing to team up on a club night for some time. Yet although they share a great many influences both musically and culturally, it wasn't clear what would be the best concept for a joint venture. With a dual history of running events based on high-end electro, italo and all manner of neon-satured 1980's video images, the choice for inspiration for their first event of 2011 was a difficult one. Ultimately, it was their shared passion for a certain day-glo, spandex clad moment in american 80's culture that proved the wining combination!

WORKOUT! is a night themed around the culture of wild 80's exersize and workout videos. While the djs from RPZ and TDC lay down some aerobic electronic rhythms to get everyone loosened up and ready for the main session (their very best selections of hi-tech disco, italomatic euro beats and cybernetic funk), visuals maestro Joe Crogan will be energising the whole room with ridiculously rare footage from mind-boggling 1980's workout videos. WORKOUT promises to be exactly what your dream of a sweaty, day-glo 80's mega gym would be - full of beautiful women and handsome, men all dancing together in a blur of smiles, tans, towels and tight jeans!

Stomachs in, buttocks tight, feel the burn ... its time to ITALOCISE!

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