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'Roll N Square' is a showcase of a mixture of music (old & new), exclusive tracks & interviews, banter, competitions and more.

The shows music is 'Elclectro' (which is a mix between electro & eclectic), varying in style but not in quality!

Our hosts are: Chris & Hamish (Dirty Basement) & Peter Collins (of 2MankyDJS).

We are also be joined by our robot friend 'Roland Square' (Roland e-mix Studio SP-808EX) who defected from communist East Germany, tunneling under the Berlin Wall after hearing an R & S tune coming from a club on the other side. Spending his formative years in a Belgian brothel, fed only on techno. He sneaked on board a ferry to Britain, via the Port of Amsterdam. A resident of Glasgow now, he lives again in a brothel but has a more varied menu of electro house, techno & afterhours fun!

[email protected]


*Exclusive DJ mixes.

*Exclusive tunes.

*Exclusive first airings of original remixes & originals.

*Exclusive Interviews - With DJs, bands, musicians, producers and promoters we know.

* Competitions - To win guest list spots, beer, CDs or other goodies.

* Peter's Keepers - A tune from 'Back in the day' as picked out by Peter Collins. While Chris & Hamish were still toddling about, Peter was out throwing some shapes to these tunes on dance floors.


the damage is done so we best be leaving...

Roll N Square // 26.03.12 // The Damage is done...

Fresh from a stint in the capital of coffee, red lights & canals we recover in the studio with some of the tunes we wished we herd while there. (Rather than the rubbish tunes we were subjected to all week.)

We're a piper (& machine) down this evening... Rumour has it Peter Collins has packed his stuff and moved to Amsterdam and married a pair of blonde midget twins.

Posted at 20:58, 26th March 2012

min-g in da mix.

Roll N Square // 12.12.11 // Is that you Min-G ?

This fortnight we have a first for you.

A guest mix from our good friend Michael Callaghan aka 'Min-G' Not only is this the first Roll 'N Square guest mix, this is also 'Min-G's first ever mix... and it's a belter.

He is fairly fresh on the scene but his entry in the 'Death By Stereo Remix Contest' sounds like someone who's been at it for years. A moombathon remix of Umphrey McGee's 'Deeper' that's sure to help you get your grind on.

And news just in, his collaboration with Click Refresh (Roll 'N Square's very own Chris Williams) 'Ain't Playin' has just been signed to Melonsound for their Miami WMC 2012 compilation.


R'NS Boys


Posted at 20:40, 12th December 2011

big bang time!

Roll N Square // 13.01.11 // The Big Bang!!

Just thought we'd kick this year with a big bang... so here it is....


Posted at 21:22, 12th January 2011


Roll N Square // 25.11.10 // Batman & Throbing


So this week we were a man down... well technically we were a man & a machine down. Peter couldn't make it down & Roland...

...well Roland was still stranded at an afterparty location...


...& quite possibly still wired (into the socket)

But we made up for their absence with some belters and a BRAND NEW DIRTY BASEMENT TRACK! GIE IT A LISTEN! YOU WONT REGRET IT!

P.S - We have started an ongoing theme for our show titles now... further suggestions would be appreciated; [email protected]

Posted at 02:13, 25th November 2010

fenchurch competition

Roll N Square // 11.11.10 // One,One//One,One//One,Zero

So... in the show this week we told you about a competition Fenchurch are running to win a t-shirt and to guestys to 'Alibi Goes Wild ft Animal Farm, Dirty Basement & Dance Junkie.' - Fri 19th Of Nov @ Stereo.

All you have to do for now is join the Fenchurch Glasgow Facebook page and all details will be posted there soon!

And if that wasn't enough, the lovely folks at Fenchurch have also decided to give away prizes for Best/Wildest dressed at the night! This could be one item of your choice from their website for 1st place, or for runners up goody bags. So slap on some makeup, throw that glitter on and get as wild as possible.

We're looking for Lions & Tigers & Bears... Ohhh My!

Fenchurch Glasgow Page:

Posted at 01:40, 11th November 2010

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