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Positively Positive

Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomo... // 0000-0200 18.10.09

gonnae stay positively positive aye?


We've had the absolutely genius and wholly obvious idea to make tonight devoted solely to straight up hardcore.

Expect everything from youth crew and vegan straight edge through to tough guy nonsense.

So get some X's on the backs of your hands and don the sports shorts (or not, posers...)


Posted at 10:06, 17th October 2009


Ali V. Frazier 1
Bane Equal Vision
Modern Life Is War Deathwish Inc.
Bastards United
Get Rad Level Plane
My War
Black Flag SST
A Profound Hatred Of Man
Shai Hulud Crisis
Give It Up
Judge Revelation
Another Breath Rivalry
You Don't Know Me
Internal Affairs Malfunction
The Slayer
Refused Victory
Out Of Luck
Dirty Money Dead And Gone
Earth Crisis Roadrunner
Taking An Uzi To The Gym
Mafafi Unsigned
Written In Stone
Panic Bridge Nine
The Dead In The Queue
Zombie Apocalypse Indecision
Shipwreck A.D. Deathwish Inc.
Selfish Suit
MDC Radical
First Blood Trustkill
Watered Down And Drowning
The Legacy Visible Noise
Subzero Stillborn
Positive Hardcore, Go!
25 Ta Life SFT
verse Bridge Nine
Youth Crew
Youth Of Today Schism
Modern Life Is War Deathwish Inc.
Can't Escape Da Mosh
Big Gunz Of Mosh Where Da Fuck Ya From
Fucked Out My Cunt
Big Gunz Of Mosh Where Da Fuck Ya From
Promises Kept
Champion Bridge Nine
Perth Party Power Violence
Harold Shitman Birds Out
Armed With A Mind
Have Heart Bridge Nine
Holy Mountain Winning Sperm Party
Holy Mountain Winning Sperm Party
Holy Mountain Winning Sperm Party

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