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'Crap tunes, great chat' - Everyone

Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomo... // 0000-0100 18.11.09

who haven't we alienated?


This week Charlie, Ewan and Ali (if he remembers what day it is) will try nullify the absence of Tom (the most 'Scottish' and 'Hard' one) by getting stuck right into new stuff by Maths, Loma Prieta and Bane, amongst others.

How about yous all get involved in listening to Crasier Frane before us an Test Card after us. Make a night of it.


Charlie x

Posted at 20:21, 17th November 2009


Iskra's Bureval available to download legally at
Iskra Black Raven
Maimed and Slaughtered
Discharge Castle
Brain Tourniquet
Neanderthal Slap a Ham
Loma Prieta React With Protest
(Work)ing Dead
Outbreak Think Fast
Reversal of Man Independence Day
Gorilla Biscuits
Gorilla Biscuits Revelation
Toucher Ce Vide Beant Attise Ma Fascination
Celeste Denovali
Your Punkrock, Our Friendship
Louise Cyphre Electric Human Project
Thrashin' USA
Bones Brigade Fight Fire With Fire
Sleep Deep
Maths Holy Roar
The Bold and The Beautiful
Bane Triple B
Thirteen Knots
Burial Year Adagio012
...Define Cocky...
TRC Rucktion
TRC Rucktion
Lost in a Contraption
CKY Def Jam
Life Sentence
Dead Kennedys Alternative Tentacles

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