The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 20th March 2011

Shot In The Head

Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomo... // 2000-2200 17.10.10


Mass Graves
Disrupt Relapse
Inhuman Nature
Mohinder Gold Standard Laboratories
Siphoning Projectiles During Selective Amnesia
The Locust Gold Standard Laboratories
Livet i Sverige är en Långsam Död
Anemone Blessed Hands
Mongo Stomp
The Mongoloids Collapse
Tooth Grinder
Animosity Metal Blade
Product of Power
Jenny Piccolo Three One G
Vintage Addiction
Dishammer Hells Headbangers
Sad Attempt
Wolfbrigade Agipunk
Electric Wizard Rise Above
VVe Are the End / Beneath Black Flames VVe Ride
Integrity Magic Bullet
Swallow Your Tongue
xFilesx Trash Art
Jesus Fish Out Of Water
xFilesx Trash Art
Shot In The Head
Weekend Nachos Relapse
Time As Surrogate Religion
Buried Inside Relapse
The Mongoloids Collapse
False Light (Live)
Isis Hydra Head

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