The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 20th March 2011

Songs for the Ladies (Your lady)

Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomo... // 2000-2200 13.02.11

love metal!

Tonight we show our sensitive sides with some HARSH NEGATIVE MUSIC.

And some Prince tunes.

So grab your woman and we'll serenade y'all. You can kid on that the Prince tunes we play were requested by you for your girl. Trust us, we won't let on...

Posted at 19:00, 13th February 2011


A Sharp Increase in Decline
Archives Dizzy Storm
Destroy Destroy
Raven McCoy Unsigned
Go Deftly
ColorChromatic B.E.A.R
My Fist Smells Like Graveyard
Funeral Diner Ape Must Not Kill Ape
Turning Cursive Letters into Knives
Glasses Vendetta
And You're Wondering How A Top Floor Could...
City of Caterpillar Level Plane
Mare Hydra Head
Pesanteur Unsigned
Capeweather Unsigned
Le Premices Du Beton
Gantz Impure
Doomsday Parade
Welcome The Plague Year Electric Human Project
Communist Eyes
The Germs Slash
Snicker Snicker
Portraits of Past Ebullition
L'ecorce des Os
Brume Retina Unbeliever
Weekend Nachos Relapse
Dirty Mind
Prince Warner Bros.
Crashing Trucks into Churces
Infernal Stronghold Forcefield
Robot Wars
Shikari Level Plane
Somnial Hex
Drainland IFB
Sexy M.F.
Prince Warner Bros.

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