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Round 2 y'all!

Four weedy apathetic slackers with a passion for aggressive music playing pretentious screamo, elitist hardcore, rinsing grindcore and anything else vaguely resembling a 'racket'.

Expect chat to switch from the virtues of european screamo as opposed to US screamo, the trials and tribulations of 'staying posi' and the importance of being a bro in the 21st century. And hunners of puns.


no news is good news

Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow! // 20.03.11 // So I Shotgunned A Beer And Went To Bed

And some news is bad news..

Anyway, the bad news is that tonight we are back with lots of blogworthy screamo nonsense. Just Alex and I tonight...

So aye, 8pm. Get locked in.


Posted at 19:12, 20th March 2011

disaster must come

Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow! // 06.03.11 // The Art of Sombre Ecstasy

Crushing bremen hardcore and hefty amounts of evil death metal. None of yer tech pish. Taps aff, beers in.

8pm tonight


Posted at 19:33, 6th March 2011

emo is for crybabies

Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow! // 20.02.11 // Got Our Swag Back

So you had a bad valentines eh? Crybaby.

Got some new shit from Adobe Homes, Beau Navire and Daniel Striped Tiger.

Kwell. Swag Swag Swag.

8pm. Get locked in.

Posted at 18:41, 20th February 2011

love metal!

Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow! // 13.02.11 // Songs for the Ladies (Your lady)

Tonight we show our sensitive sides with some HARSH NEGATIVE MUSIC.

And some Prince tunes.

So grab your woman and we'll serenade y'all. You can kid on that the Prince tunes we play were requested by you for your girl. Trust us, we won't let on...

Posted at 19:00, 13th February 2011

punching far above our weight

Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow! // 30.01.11 // Winter Apathy

We're outdoing ourselves tonight, with two shows in a row. Unprecedented shit.

So lots of uplifting screamo tunes and the occasional Bremen hardcore 7".

Catch us at 8pm.


Posted at 19:08, 30th January 2011

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