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Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby)

The Red Room // 1700-1900 12.06.12

don't say nothin' bad (about my baby)

On this week's show, we discussed our stance on civil rights, debated how useful we thought social networking was, and we pondered if taxi drivers drove faster if you talked to them.

We also discussed what it means to be a "man's man", as opposed to what it means to be a "woman's man", debated on whether or not a co-pilot would be as good at flying as a pilot, and we pondered what it would be like if we had a talk show.

We also discussed our favourite colours of ink, debated on how we thought kids talked nowadays, and expressed our distaste for monstrosity that is the polo shirt.

We also reviewed Victor Fleming's Gone With the Wind, John Waters' Hairspray, and Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom.

Posted at 22:46, 12th June 2012


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Don't Say Nothing Bad (About My Baby)
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