The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 11th March 2009

shows // Radio Silences

shoegaze // avantgarde // dreampop // ambient // classical

There's not really going to be silence, but some nights I'll try and get pretty close.


no show tonight

i'm afraid. Bit busy at the moment, aren't we all. but i'll be back next week and from then on. have a listen to the old shows if you miss me too much...x

Posted at 21:42, 24th March 2009

radio silences

Radio Silences // 25.02.09

back this week; ambient sounds. a bit of classical.

Posted at 23:04, 24th February 2009

first ever radio silents

Radio Silences // 12.11.08

is tonight, 1-2am.

Posted at 20:12, 11th November 2008