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Hometown Pride

Radio in Opposition // 0200-0400 03.05.12

hometown pride

This is my last show broadcast live on WDIY in Allentown. From now on, RiO is a Subcity exclusive. In light of that, this show is all local bands that supported me in getting RiO off the ground. Enjoy.

Posted at 13:11, 4th May 2012


Escape On High
Soars La Société Expéditionnaire
Free Will is a Lie Designed to Make Existence...
Ominous Black Anthropic
Grimace Federation Deathwaltz
Quietly, Undramatically
Woe Candlelight
'Bama Book Burner
Ladder Devils and Regents Unsigned
Daniel's Blues
Strand of Oaks eMusic
Thy Will Be None
Sadgiqacea Anthropic
You're Not Real, Girl [Swans Cover]
Planning For Burial Music Ruins Lives
9000 Reasons
Gholas Unsigned
I Must Be Dreaming
JE double F Unsigned
Tobacco, Gin and Bile
Lonesummer Music Ruins Lives
The Green Evening Requiem Anthropic
Psychic Teens Golden Voyage
Linear Failure
East of the Wall Translation Loss
Tonight the Buzzards Circle the Grindstone
Grass Unsigned
Protect Your Plow
Bubonic Bear Unsigned
The Reaper and the Seed
Vindensång Pest
Rob Crow Temporary Residence
Red Eyes
Bill Ridenour Unsigned
New Bones
Deadhorse Unsigned
Time of Troubles
Zombi Relapse

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