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Similar in vision to the Rock in Opposition movement of the late 1970s, Radio in Opposition challenges the standards of the music industry and the radio world. RiO features new releases, topical interviews, and on-air performances from the deepest reaches of the musical realm. Spanning genres on a nightly basis, the show focuses on independent output from raw black metal to indie hip-hop.

RiO began in March of 2009, utilizing a public radio space to give lesser known artists the chance to gain exposure in a professional atmosphere. Live interviews and on-air performances have included Kayo Dot, Woods of Ypres, Planning for Burial, Vindensang, Woe, Time Columns, Gholas, Dante Bucci, JE double F, Deadhorse, Ominous Black, and more.


what's new with rio

Hey everyone,

We're taking a little break but it's not without good reason. We are looking to expand. Cover more ground. Get this party started. And so on...

But we need help! Radio in Opposition is looking for contributors. Get in touch if you're interested in reviewing, interviewing, doing a unique feature, or any other idea you might have. We want to hear it!

Shoot an email to radioinopposition [at] gmail

Posted at 12:52, 24th August 2012

born to lose

Radio in Opposition // 28.06.12 // Born to Lose

What can be said about the newest episode of Radio in Opposition that hasn't already been said about the black plague?

Posted at 12:51, 6th July 2012

the god particle

Radio in Opposition // 31.05.12 // The God Particle

In this episode, we consider the universe as the answer. But just what is the question?

Posted at 23:22, 31st May 2012

produce. communicate. transport. destroy.

Radio in Opposition // 17.05.12 // Produce. Communicate. Transport. Destroy.

This is the first show from the home studio. My microphone is a tin can. Just kidding. The voice overs are short but the music is where the meat is. Please enjoy at adequate volumes.

Posted at 20:05, 17th May 2012

hometown pride

Radio in Opposition // 03.05.12 // Hometown Pride

This is my last show broadcast live on WDIY in Allentown. From now on, RiO is a Subcity exclusive. In light of that, this show is all local bands that supported me in getting RiO off the ground. Enjoy.

Posted at 13:11, 4th May 2012

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