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Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music? Tom W and Suezz play cassettes, records and CDs that might help you restore some faith in music. Let's get Poptimistic!


we're moved...

Poptimism // 14.11.08

it's Autumn, suse and I are feeling restless, so we moved to a Friday. same time 2-3. starting this week. keep Poptimistic, we loves you.

Posted at 17:43, 12th November 2008

80s to the (beta) max!

Poptimism // 29.10.08 // 80s to the (Beta) max!

today we're going to rip it up with some music from the decade Calvin Harris invented disco, retrospectively...are you hip to the 80s? are you hip to Poptimism?

Posted at 13:43, 29th October 2008

no y chromosomes allowed

Poptimism // 01.10.08 // No Y Chromosomes Allowed

Poptimism playzzz songs sung by women, written by women this week. Expect Electrelane, Diana Ross, The Organ and more!

Posted at 17:31, 29th September 2008