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Bringing Broadband Back

Pop Goes The Revolution // 1200-1300 26.03.09

back to basics

Bringing Pop Goes The Revolution back to its classic feel. Excellent tunes from bands you won't have heard interspread with some chat in between about everything that comes to mind.

Join us this Thursday.

Although as a note of anticipation... oh boy, do we have something special for you the following week!

Posted at 20:48, 25th March 2009


She's So Dead Now
The King Hats Unsigned
Foreign Thoughts
There Will Be Fireworks Unsigned
Kat Flint Albino
How To Swim Unsigned
So Tomorrow
Official Secrets Act One Little Indian
Nikki's Nostalgia
Southern Man
Neil Young Reprise
Who Am I
Mike Nisbet Unsigned
Nikki's News
Speak Of The Devil
2*Sweet C. Walrus
Trigger Finger
The Stagger Rats Unsigned
Space And The Woods
Late Of The Pier Zarcorp

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