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Dave Reed Special

Pop Goes The Revolution // 1700-1900 18.03.11

dave reed special

Well the famous random letter selecting powers of Dave Reed have been used many times before on the show. So it felt only right we used his marvellous invention for a special guide through the historical back catalogue.

We play songs from the first two series of PGTR for those that might have missed our younger years BC (before Caroline). And to help us choose the songs from the back catalogue, we enlisted Dave's excellent random letter selecting abilities. So join us as we scrape over old forgotten playlists to pick out a few gems from yester PGTR year.


Posted at 05:30, 24th March 2011


Whal;e Songs
I Say Marvin Unsigned
Tom Williams & The Boat Unsigned
Fly Straight And Always Wear Sensible Shoes (Live)
Endor Unsigned
Conversations With Death
Max Raptor Unsigned
Leave It Alone
Operator Please Brute
Song Battle - H
We Intertwined
The Hush Sound Fuelled By Ramen
A.K.A. I-D-I-O-T
The Hives Polydor
Celebrity Skin
Hole DGC
Island Of The Honest Man
Hot Hot Heat Sire
Thoughts That Give Me The Creeps
Hello Goodbye Drive-Thru
Stay Awhile
Heirloom Projector Lakeland
End of Song Battle
Twisted Mile (Live)
Wooden Box With a Fistful of Fivers Unsigned
This Is An Exit
Young Aviators Unsigned
Crayfish Cocktail
Jocasta Sleeps Unsigned
Where For Art Thou Elvis
Gaslight Anthem SideOneDummy
Other Too Endless
Polly Scattergood Mute
Christopher Your A Soldier Now
Kat Flint Albino
Nikki's News
Halloween (Live)
The French Wives Unsigned
The Sega Method
Drive By Method Unsigned
Nikki's Nostalgia
Rip It Up
Little Richard RCA
Christmas TV
Slow Club Moshi Moshi
Nearly Home (Live)
Broken Records Unsigned
A Saving Grace
Young Veins One Haven
The LaFontaines Unsigned
Vincent & The Villains Young And Lost Club

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