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PGTR Live III Launch

Pop Goes The Revolution // 1700-1900 06.05.11

how about some music?

Well we've got a lot of it. Between new releases from some great record labels such as Flowers In The Dustbin, Olive Grove and Philophobia. Add to that a small internet trip to previously unexplored territories for us such as Wakefield and Bradford, and what you soon have is a rather nice little playlist.

On a seperate note we're having PGTR Live III - the series finale on the 26th May. We'll be announcing the line up on the show. Trust us, it's going to be pretty special.

Posted at 07:42, 6th May 2011


For Abel Flowers In The Dustbin
Face Bones
Theodore Josh Unsigned
On Solid Ground
Olympians Unsigned
Pensioner Olive Grove
Really Doesn't Matter What They Think Of Us
Girl In A Thunderbolt Unsigned
Song Battle - T
Undercover Martyn
Two Door Cinema Club Kitsune
Great DJ
The Ting Tings Columbia
So Fine
Telepathe V2
Blue Flashing Light
Travis Independentie
Enemy Destruct
Thee Oh Sees In the Red
Tom Williams & The Boat Unsigned
End of Song Battle
Slidy Slidy
The Bambinos Philophobia
The Compression Philophobia
Love In My Mind
Nevada Base Flowers In The Dustbin
In Debt
Black International Unsigned
Little Comets Unsigned
She Said She Said
Beatles Capitol
She's Just A Line (In A Song)
What The Cat Dragged In Unsigned
Tom Clarke Unsigned
Postcode Lottery
Wilful Missing Unsigned
A Saving Grace
Counting Sheep
Randolphs Leap Olive Grove
PGTR Live III Lineup
Black Cat
Kochka Unsigned
Inner Space
Shooting Stansfield Unsigned
Scissors And Glue
Skeletons And The Empty Pockets Unsigned
Self Help
Young Aviators Unsigned
Love I My Mind (HaHaHa Remix)
Nevada Base Flowers In The Dustbin

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