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GmbH + Let's Talk About Trees (Extra Special Show)

Pop Goes The Revolution // 1700-1900 12.11.10

the extra special show

This is one of the busiest episodes PGTR has ever had.

As well as all the usual features of Nikki's News, Nikki's Nostalgia, The Song Battle, and amazing tunes by the likes of Rosie Jones & The Mystery Machine, We See Lights, and Pagan Wanderer Lu, we also brought you a couple of special treats.

Nikki recently headed off to meet GmbH, the brand new magazine shop that has just openned in Glasgow offering a wide variety of popular and niche publications. Check out their awesome stock at

If that weren't enough, the brand new project by Washington Irving's Chris MacGarry and Kieran Heatherm, Let's Talk About Trees popped by. For their first ever public performance they played two acoustic songs live on the show, as well as giving us plenty of chat about dressing up as a tree, dancing in front of blue bed sheets, and just why and how they came to make an album about trees.

Tune into to hear the guys talk, as well as play the two live tracks. Oh, and if you like the tracks, they were kind enough to let us offer you the two live tracks and improved bitrate for free download below. Check it out.

Let's Talk About Trees - Let's Talk About Trees.mp3
Let's Talk About Trees - Lumberjack's Lament.mp3

Posted at 20:37, 12th November 2010


Even The Cacti
Pagan Wanderer Lu Unsigned
Vegetarian Girls
The LieIns Popical Island
Do's And Don't's
The Dawn Fanfare Unsigned
Song Battle
Wires And Waves
Rilo Kiley Barsuk
Won't Work
Ruarri Joseph Atlantic
When Do You Heart Go Missing
Rooney Geffen
Royksopp Wall Of Sound
New York New York
Ryan Adams Island
The State of Things
Reverend And The Makers Wall Of Sound
End of Song Battle
GmbH Interview Part 1 - Chat about how the store came to be, what their inspiration was, and what they sell.
We Are The Grand Unsigned
Nikki's Nostalgia
The Boy In The Bubble
Paul Simon CBS
Roll On
Rosie Jones and The Mystery Machine Unsigned
GmbH Interview Part 2 - Chat about the public love affair with print, and how this affected by the internet.
So Long, Love
We See Lights Unsigned
A Safer Sound
We See Lights Unsigned
Nikki's News
GmbH Interview Part 3 - Their plans for the future, and possible GmbH expansion.
Let's Talk About Trees (Live)
Let's Talk About Trees Unsigned
At Least They're Playing The Beatles
Hail! The Planes Unsigned
Let's Talk About Trees chat how the project was formed and future ideas.
Chris's song choice No.1
Ferdinand De Saussure
The Magnetic Fields Merge
Chat with Let's talk About Trees about their famous/infamous music video, YouTube comments, legal loopholes about sampling, the Lumberjack's Lament single,and the loss of inhibitions blue screen brings on.
Kieran's song choice No. 1
Forget About Your Worries
The Books Tomlab
Let's Talk About Trees talk about what instruments they can play/try to play, Washington Irving's reaction to the project, the costumes and decorations for their album launch on the 20th, the Let's talk About Trees backing band.
Chris's song choice No. 2
Bird House In Your Soul
They Might Be Giants Restless
Lumberjack's Lament (Live)
Let's Talk About Trees Unsigned
Kieran's song choice No. 2
The Initials B.B.
Serge Gainsbourg Mute

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