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End of Series 3

Pop Goes The Revolution // 1700-1900 10.06.11

series finale

Well it's been a long year, but it has ended.

Before you all cry we'll be back in September, and in the meantime you should hang around our Facebook and Twitter for some nice summer exclusives and teasers of plans for PGTR Series 4.

In the meantime you can listen back to the last 70 hours of music that is series 3 of PGTR.

To finish off we've got a classic episode, all the favourite features as well as a host of great bands from new stuff like Verse Metrics through to PGTR favourites like Natalie Holmes. Enjoy.

Bye bye from PGTR...

Posted at 20:08, 10th June 2011


My Mother's House
Dave Hughes and The Renegade Folk Punk Band Unsigned
I Need The News
The Hollows Unsigned
Youth Is Wasted
Sea Pinks Unsigned
Alone With America
Wilful Missing Unsigned
Second Hand Marching Band Unsigned
Song Battle - Dave Reed chooses B and heads off for his summer holidays
Beach Fossils Captured Tracks
Silent Sigh
Badly Drawn Boy Twisted Nerve
Best Coast Wichita
Nearly Home
Broken Records 4AD
Silver Screen
Beat Connection Tender Age
This Modern Love
Bloc Party Wichita
End of the Song Battle
I'm No Good At Love
Oh! Stockholm Unsigned
Found Gdansk
Black International Unsigned
Rosie Loves Shotguns
The Big Nowhere Unsigned
Modern Sleep
The Verse Metrics Unsigned
Nigel's Nostalgia
Joy Division Universal
Little Death
Where We Lay Our Heads Unsigned
Natalie Holmes Unsigned
Her Sky
Bronagh Monohan Unsigned
PAWS Unsigned
Forgotten Boy
We Are The Grand Unsigned
We See Lights Heroes & Glueplots

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