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PGTR Live 1 Preview w/ Mitchell Museum

Pop Goes The Revolution // 1700-1900 25.02.11

pgtr live 1 preview w/ mitchell museum

With 6 days to PGTR Live 1. We build up the excitement with a classic feeling Pop Goes The Revolution that gets interrupted midway through by Mitchell Museum popping by for some chat and choosing some songs.

Posted at 20:37, 5th March 2011


As I Lie In The Mud
Randolphs Leap Unsigned
Almost A Threat
Midi And The Modern Dance Unsigned
Love Is The Reason
A La La Ho Unsigned
Compund Of Elelemts
The Bit Between Unsigned
Long Night
Preston Scott Band Unsigned
Song Battle
Love Song (With Aneurysm)
Aidan Sith Analogue Catalogue
My Same
Adele XL
Hope There's Someone
Anthony & The Johnsons Secretly Canadian
After The Last Midtown Show
The Academy Is Fuelled By Ramen
Goody Two Shoes
Adam Ant Sony
Fake Tales Of San Fransisco
Arctic Monkeys Domino
End Of Song Battle
Lined With Trees
Where We Lay Our Heads Unsigned
Crash Your Face
Blue Sky Archives Unsigned
Teenage Pricks
Yeh Deadlies Popical Island
A Girl With Too Many Vowels In Her Name
Johnny Fun & The... Hesitations Popical Island
Nikki's News
Taste The Coast
Admiral Fallow Lo-Five
In The Morning
Laish Unsigned
Mitchell Museum turn up and chat...
Another Sunday
Run Speed Tiger Unsigned
(Unknown Track)
The Cortal Maltese Unsigned
(Unknown Track)
Ween Elektra
Freshman Thesis
Thee More Shallows Monotreme
We See Lights Unsigned
Goodbye from PGTR and Mitchell Museum
Far Away
Natalie Holmes Unsigned

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