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Physical Memory

0000-0200 13.06.12

Charlie and I will be in tonight bringing the best new Ambient and Drone with lots of other cool stuff. We might even talk about the football and a gig coming up on Saturday that everyone should be going to. Tune in. :)


Posted at 14:15, 12th June 2012


Disasterpeace Unsigned
Days of Your Lives
Tim Heker Parachute Magazine
Do While
Oval Thrill Jockey
Same River Twice
Aidan Baker drone
dlp 6
William Basinski 2062
Landscape with Figure (1922)
Max Richter Late Junction
Thomas Koner Barooni
Gridlock Hymen
Ebertplatz 2020
Mohn Kompakt
Teil I
Atomâ„¢ Rasternoton
Secret Abuse Arbor
Loss Leader
Codeine Sub Pop

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