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The Great Way Remains Ever Serene//First

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Switching it up from their weekly sabbath bro-down, Physical Memory sees half of Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow! swap the hardcore for ambient and the keg stands for chin stroking. Making you want to use words like ‘soundscape’ and ‘ethereal’, this is a couple of hours of chilled drone-y vibes (new addition: ‘drone-y’).

Physical Memory // 0000-0200 14.09.10

first transmission

Thanks to everyone that listened in the other night, lots of encouraging comments. Glad to see our antics on Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow didn't phase you enough to put you off.

This show will be up for listen again sometime today, still have not gotten a chance to upload the playlist.

Posted at 11:26, 15th September 2010


Gas - Pop (Mille Plateux) between songs
My Lowville
The Fun Years Barge
The Great Way Remains Ever Serene
Sun Dog Peace House Animal Image Search
Tim Hecker Kranky
Life's Fading Light
The Sight Below Ghostly Intl.
Disappearing Ink
Emeralds No Fun
Avalyn II
Slowdive Creation
Internal Compass
Infinity Window Arbor
Phaser Acat I
Alva Noto Raster-Notion
Waiting Room
Marble Sky Callow God
Caboladies Gnesis Things
Grouper Room 40
Grouper Room 40
Na Regen Komt Zondvloed
Sylvester Anfang II Aurora Borealis
The Feeling of Trancing Through A Silent Expanse
Celer Dragon's Eye
Physical Memory
Oneohtrix Point Never No Fun

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