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Anticline Rests; Inertia Brace Yourself//Seventh

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The sounds of husband and wife duo Celer. An ambient mix of loops, full tracks, collab material etc. Just chill.

Physical Memory // 0005-0100 01.02.11

really dense, really tragic.

Showcase of the work and sounds created by husband and wife duo Celer. A continuous ambient/drone mix with looped samples of Celer tracks, full Celer tracks, collaboration material etc spanning their 5 year to date lifetime.

Posted at 13:39, 31st January 2011


Mouthfeels Of Capreae
Celer Humming Conch
Anticline Rests; Inertia Brace Yourself
Celer Basses Frequences
Celer Celer
Untitled 6:02
Celer Celer
Cantering In A Copper Dress
Celer Low Point
Celer Celer
Anneal This Chord Of Bliss
Chubby Wolf Chubby Wolf
The Die That's Cast
Celer Conv
How I Imagine My Hand Holding Yours
Celer Dragon's Eye
A Pause
Celer Humming Conch
Celer and/OAR
Celer Smallfish
Then And Again
Celer Stunned
Before Pollution
Mathieu Ruhlmann + Celer Spekk
The Delay Of Intolerance
Celer Celer
A Sorted Ending
Celer Humming Conch

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